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Last year, I suffered a broken ankle and spent the majority of the year in a walking cast on one foot. After it had been removed, I felt my whole body was 'out of alignment' and experienced pain pervasively throughout my body.
One day, I experienced such severe pain in my leg that I began to limp. I tried pain relievers, massage, even trying to 'walk it out'
After agreeing to see Sara, she performed a Matrix Energetics session on me. Within hours I was no longer limping and completely free from pain. I have the pleasure of saying i have been free from pain ever since.
I would highly recommend Sara Lucas as I believe that in addition to her diligent training in this method, she has been blessed with not only the desire, but the gift to heal
Julie O - Phoenix AZ

Grateful for Sara Lucas and her powerful healing work this morning. She brings massage, reiki, energy balancing and so much more to the table. I was dealing with a thoracic issue that was going on 6 weeks and felt dramatic difference after our first session. I feel 100% better. Consider giving the gift of touch for a healthy, happy holiday and beyond.
Claudia Hartman Phoenix az

I just had a Head, Hands and Feet - Energy Balance massage from Sara Lucas the other day.
It was a very powerful, relaxing and healing experience for me.
Sara is highly trained and very skilled at what she does.
 The head massage is more than a massage - it is cranial work.
The next day my head felt so much more relaxed and healthy.
My whole body felt deeply relaxed and I could feel the healing happening.
 Another thing I really liked was this work is done with the clothes on.
So it makes it much more simple and easy to receive.
In 30 minutes I felt I had received as much and more than a regular hour massage.

Liah Holtzman  - Scottsdale AZ

Ancestral Clearing

​"I have done A LOT of personal growth over the last 30 years. All sorts of techniques, seminars and personal therapy of many kinds etc. 
The ancestral clearing session I had with Sara took me to much deeper levels of clearing that surprised and delighted me. The process is so gentle and Sara is such an excellent guide, that she masterfully provided me with the safety and unconditional acceptance to be able to excavate and acknowledge some very profound feelings and beliefs that I didn't even know were there!
The huge benefit to working with her was that I experienced a real sense of inner spaciousness and peace that felt so wonderfully healing and complete. 
What Sara offers is truly a gift in cleansing the spirit of old debris and I highly recommend and encourage anyone wanting to go deeper to have a session with her. I am looking forward to my next one!"

Anne H Stamatakis - Rocky Hill CT

Being in Our Own Rhythm

Good morning Sara, yesterday late afternoon I fell into a deep sleep.  Something deep in my neck relaxed, clearly a result of the session. 
Very powerful! I am especially grateful to realize how important it is for me to put more intention behind my need to relax. Thank you ♡♡♡

Ingrid Hirtz -  Scottsdale AZ

Dear Sara,

​Thank you for the truly Transformational Massage you gave me the other day. When I visited you I felt like a dry Sahara Desert, and when I left you, I felt revived and alive again. Thank you for sharing your gift of touch that brings healing from head to toe and even the heart. I am grateful for your wisdom to bring me back to life through your Touch Transformation

Kathy Hammond - Phoenix

I appreciated my work with Sara. Initially, it seemed as though a 1/2 hour would not be enough to address my stress.
I was wrong. In that 1/2 hour, which seemed 3 times that long, i felt very cared for and I reached a level of relaxation that surprised me. I arose feeling completely nourished.
Amy Zak Urban  -Santa Barbara CA

Thanks Sara!

My first professional Massage was absolutely wonderful

Steve R Phoenix AZ

​Thank you so much Sara for the session we had this week, You changed my life! Your skilled listening  presence allowed me to  make the right decision going forward, it was a decision  that I have been struggling with for months if not years... thank you.. You are a wonderful human being and I am blessed to have you in my life

Butch Leiber - Phoenix  (Award Winning Realtor)

The last ancestral clearing session I had with Sara literally lasted for minutes. In her naturally intuitive way Sara just “happened” to call me while I was lying on my bed fully clothed but suffering through a bout of gastritis. I fully expected to have to wait hours till the acute discomfort wore off - my previous experiences of this condition validated this expectation.
Sara asked if I would like some clearing to see if it might help and I immediately said yes as any measure of relief would have been welcomed.
Within 5 minutes of locating the sensation I was experiencing as an 8 out of 10 and breathing into it, Sara was able to bring me down to a zero in sensation. Wow! This enabled me to get up and get on with my Saturday to enjoy, completely pain free.

The effectiveness and ease of this AC method is nothing short of a mini miracle in my eyes. Sara’s patient, compassionate and experienced approach effectively neutralized my condition in record time. I am deeply grateful to her for helping me become more aware of what I was feeling and holding on to and, more importantly, in this instance, being able to release the physical symptoms. Needless to say I highly recommend AC for any issues one may be having!   Anne Stamatakis Rocky Hill CT

Ancestral Clearing

Thank you so much for my session on the phone the other day Sara.
I was instantly healed of my anger.  
Months ago a friend had sent me an email that hurt my feelings and angered me.
I have been extremely angry for two months and could not figure out how to forgive her.
After the session, I was able to email my friend, set up a phone conversation and have a wonderful chat.
I was in the present moment with no anger or judgment and was able to enjoy our friendship. 
WOW - many thanks Sara.
Liah Holtzman
Scottsdale, AZ