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“Words become virtual cups of light, patterns of information.

The way that they are are woven literally creates a magical node of possibility that opens up the dimensional capabilities of your awareness to experience other states, other things, and other places”

The Physics of Miracles by Dr Richard Bartlett”

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  • Deep Relaxation
  • Relief of tension and stress
  • Inner strength and more joy
  • Finding & listening to your inner voice
  • Decreased Pain or other physical symptoms
  • A sense of peacefulness and clarity
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • The ability to more easily make heart-centered decisions
  • Deepening spiritual connection
  • a renewed sense of purpose
  • Creating a sense of well-being
  • A sense of alignment that leads to changes in lifestyle choices--nutrition, movement, meditation, creativity...
  • Enhanced  Memory
  • An ability to see relationships more clearly and to find peace within them
  • The ability to take responsibility for creating the life you want
  • An increased sense of confidence and self-worth
  • Increased synchronicity in your life
  • Clearing of old patterns 
    ​                       and

             ​Unexpected happiness and joy! 


​         No Touch involved:

  • ​Ancestral Clearing - Resolving the past, to live life fully NOW​!
  • ​Clearing Addictions  and phobias      EFT
  • Solution Focused ​Coaching - ​Health and Life Coaching


  • Head,  Hands  and  Feet (Reflexology)   -     Energy Balancing 
  • Massage Therapy
  • ​Reiki Healing
  • Aromatherapy 


                           First session    Consultation fee may be applied


                   Cash or Cheque  please, at time of,  or before service

​         Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express  + 3%  processing fee

                24 hours notice of cancellation is preferred, or charges may be made


                                                   Discount Packages

 ​When purchasing a package of five sessions, there is a 10% discount


​                                  GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE

Gift certificates are available in  55 and 80 minutes,  and in any dollar amount you would like.  The card comes with an envelope.

They makes a wonderful gift for yourself or for:

Family Members (all ages!)       Spouses and Lovers and Friends
Pregnancy Massage                      Co-workers
Birthdays and Anniversaries    Valentines Day
Christmas                                           Mother’s Day and Father’s Day
Congratulatory occasions         Before or after any big event
Someone special you want to appreciate.
.................anyone who you feel could use some extra support!



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