Head,  Hands & Feet   -   Energy Balancing  

Feels wonderful, and is a perfect vehicle for managing stress of any kind. From the beginning of time, the healing sense of touch has been used as a natural way of attaining and maintaining good health.

If you have any form of physical tension or discomfort whether it’s from sitting at your office desk or in the car for too long, an accident or operation, sluggish metabolism, postural imbalances, jet lag or repetitive stress injuries, to name a few, this treatment can go a long way in helping you be much more comfortable and at ease in your body by balancing your whole system.

Mental and emotional stress may not be as obvious but can be just as much of a challenge. We tend to hold on and try to contain our feelings of overwhelm with  an incessantly busy mind and fluctuating emotions. 

Not only does Head, Hands & Feet - Energy Balancing  calm and soothe the nervous system,  by taking a well earned time-out for your self,  to stop all outer activity and simply receive, you are beginning to re-educate yourself in, and appreciate, the importance of balance in your life, and being in our  own  authentic true rhythm. 

Reflexology of theHead, Hands & Feet, (can include back, neck and shoulders) allows for the body to go into total relaxation and then,  the energy balancing  smooths out the energetic wrinkles to allow for rest and  relaxation,  for you to be re-energized and revitalized so that you can enjoy your life.
Many people have said they have some of  their best ideas on the Treatment Table!    

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Being in Our Own Rhythm

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