Being in Our Own Rhythm

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 “Words become virtual cups of light, patterns of information.

The way that they are are woven literally creates a magical node of possibility that opens up the dimensional capabilities of your awareness to experience other states, other things, and other places”
The Physics of Miracles by Dr Richard Bartlett”

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Sara Lucas    BA (hons) SCM LMT ACC

Sara has over 30 years experience  of Massage  & Complementary Therapies  and has been,  and still is,  on a journey of discovery and awakening.  Sara has created a balanced way of working  with people,  with all her years of experience she finds the  the best way to help you,  be in your own, authentic inner rhythm.

She was a State Certified Midwife in England, being one of the first midwives there,  to do underwater birth, having been trained by Dr Michel Odent and his midwives in Pithiviers France.

She is a Licensed Massage Therapist  and had been working in the USA for the last 29 years, until she recently returned to the UK.

Sara is also a  Reiki Master  (Usui Lineage),  trained in Reflexology,    Cranial Balancing,    Matrix Energetics,   Addiction Clearing  using  EFT  and  Ancestral Clearing

Sara is a Practitioner of Ancestral Clearing and was trained by John Newton. 

Ancestral Clearing clears the past energetic patterns, so that life can be lived  fully NOW.

Sara's approach is solution focused and she trained as a Solution Focused Coach, through the University  of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with Insoo Kim Berg who is one of the originators of the Solution Focused approach,  along with Steve de Shazer.  

She also  trained  as a Life Coach through Erickson College, Art and Science of Coaching , and has worked extensively as a Health Coach.

Sara   worked in the CIty of Phoenix Library System until May 2014,  creating and running Children's programs, until she decided to go full time with her passion for helping people to find their own authentic inner rhythm through Touch Transformation